Happy Valentines Day!
Here have a picture of my Valentines day Nails!

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Midnight at the Glamour Show on Sunday night
Saw Lady Gaga last Thursday!! I don't have pictures yet because I left my camera at home and I got stuck with crappy mobile pictures but it was so good.

Like super good.

I've been looking forward to it for weeks and the fact that they moved to a bigger venue just made me more excited (not that that says muchPerth is sadly lacking in awesome concert venues). I went with Sam (the friend who just had the baby) and we were seated at the back corner, paritally obstructed by a pole but it was all good. We were actually in the same place I was when I was at the Dome for Britney Spears except about 100 metres back.

Sam and I decided against going into general admission and we were glad for it. The mosh area was packed out (unlike at Britney when I was in the mosh) and there was so many people dressed up. Gaga didn't come on until much later than the start on the ticket and about affter half an hour there was so many girls in general admission who'd worn skyscraper tall shoes who looked to be enormous pain.

I can't remember the exact setlist although the only songs she didn't play were Summer Boy, Disco heaven, Retro Dance Freak, Again Again and the other bonus tracks from The Fame. She changed a handful of times as well and she Sung and Danced and she had this whole little Wizard of Oz like stroy that progressed through the show.

Now, I Hate to admit this but Lady Gaga was better than the Britney concert. I love Britney, always have and I will probably Stan for her until my dying day but in terms of performance; Lady Gaga killed it. I can't wait until she comes again and I hope she does soon.

Happy Easter everyone!!

Sleepless, long nights, that was what my youth was for
Hey all,

Happy New Years Everyone!

I have some awesome news. On New Years Eve my best friend gave birth. She had a little girl whom they've called Isabelle May. I saw her yesterday afternoon and she's very cute and hairy for a baby not even a day old. Both mother and baby are okay although my friend went into labour Tuesday afternoon and was eventually given an emergency c-section on Thursday night. I got to hold her when I visisted and she was very pink and wrinkly and all she did was sleep and eat and she only cried when the nurse shoved a thermometer into her armpit to take her temperature. In case you couldn't tell, I'm super excited. And I have pictures!
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Pictures behind the cut because I didn't want to destroy peoples flist layouts.

And there we have it.


'Cause since I've come on home, Well, my body's been a mess
I caved and ordered a custom Dell. On Sale mind you (I say these thngs to make myself feel better about sepnding money).

Now I just need to name it.

Also, Anyone thinking of seeing the new Clive Owen movie?

Love hurts good on a bed of nails
Hey yall,

We just got a new computer with a fancy new Twenty Two Inch monitor. It's fucking huge and i keep loooking too far to the left and getting too close.

Just in case you were interested.

If you take too long, you'll be to late
You know what I fucking hate.

Needing to Google something then forgetting what the fuck I wanted to know by the time the page loaded.

P.S: Does anyone know any free image hosting websites that aren't photobucket?

Friending Meme
a href="http://xretrophysical.livejournal.com/24221.html#cutid1">
friending meme</a>

Hey guys

Just Checking in. I went and saw the wrestling tonight, the recap post will go up later. No reason for a recap really but I'm scared I'm going to get alzheimers so I have this strange need to catalogue EVERYTHING.

Wow that was random.

Love always,

Keeping it a mystery gets to me
Yay, new glasses on Friday.

Is it sad that I'll miss my old frames, I've had them for years.

Maraschino, Chapter 5

Here you are darlings, a brand new installment

Title: Maraschino
Chapter: 5
Rating: Adult


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